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Reviews & Posts

Chef Stephane Chevet reviews Kurobuta pork cheek at
"This is a bold dish that is grilled to perfection. It is all about simplicity. The Kurobuta pork cheeks have a great smoky, fatty flavor. I also love the texture, skin, and crunch cartilage of the ear."
Chef Matthew Silverman reviews Raku's tofu at
"One of many great dishes here, the tofu is made fresh daily. It is so soft and creamy that it becomes a great palate for the flavors that are to come with this dish, as well as the rest that are served at this restaurant. The great execution and quality of this dish is one that's typically mass-produced."
Chef Joseph Elevado reviews Kobe beef tendon at
"A rich succulent bit of beef tendon that's has amazing flavor imparted by the binchotan charcoal used in their robata grill. This literally melts in your mouth...sweet, savory, decadent."
Chef Geno Bernardo reviews Poached egg w/ sea urchin & salmon roe at
"These two are a perfect match. Chef Enzo is cooking with passion. As soon as I sit down, they know to send this dish—I don’t even have to order it! The uni is the star of the dish because Raku gets the best of its kind. On my 40th birthday, I had two servings for myself. I dream of this dish."
Chef Saipin Chutima reviews Omakase at
"Chef Mitsuo Endo creates a mesmerizing meal. His homemade tofu is one of my favorite dishes. Every bite has a delicate finish, with a soft and subtle texture that melts in your mouth. His sashimi is always fresh, and I’ll never forget the toro he served us. His omakase menu is worth trying when you have a big party; you can taste most of his creations in one setting (the bigger the party, the more you get to try). He also opened up a sweets restaurant, which I hear is amazing. It's my next stop!"
Chef Ben Jenkins reviews Agedashi tofu at
"This off-the-Strip gem offers traditional Japanese fare. The agedashi tofu is housemade tofu that is lightly fried and served in a warm dashi broth garnished with ikura, shredded nori, and nameko mushrooms."

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