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20 Mount St.
Mayfair, Greater LondonW1K 2HE
Call: 020 7495 7309
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Reviews & Posts

Dover sole meunière
"Scott’s has a really special atmosphere. It is a stunning restaurant with excellent service. The dishes here are classic and cooked to perfection. Like with the sole, they source amazing produce that's spankingly fresh with no fuss. It's served straight up, as it should be."
Deep-fried haddock
"The dining room is stunning and the staff members are some of the most professional I've seen in London. Their doorman Sean is easily the best in the city. My favourite dish is the deep-fried haddock with mushy peas. The goujons of cornish sole with tartare sauce is another must-have."
Plateau de fruits de mer
"This is fresh seafood and fish simply prepared as it should be. It’s fair to say that the seafood platter at Scott’s is a truly iconic dish that is served at a restaurant which can only be described as an institution."

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