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3881 N.E.163rd St.
Miami Beach, FL33160
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Kimchee hot pot at
Kimchee hot pot
"Hiro’s Yakko-San has an awesome kimchee hot pot, and their whole fish is always fresh. I love the pork, tofu, and clams they put in the spicy broth. This is a chef's true hang-out spot."
Chef  reviews Crispy pork onion salad at
Crispy pork onion salad
"Thinly sliced pork is fried until crispy and topped with red onions that have been soaking in water (to make it a bit more mild). All of it is marinated in a chili sesame ponzu, which goes so well with the super hot crispy pork and cold onions. It's so delicious."
Chef  reviews Angel hair uni & ikura pasta at
Angel hair uni & ikura pasta
"This is a great dish to share and entertain with. When it arrives, you can take your chopsticks, mix it up, and pass it around. It’s basically angel hair pasta in extra-virgin olive oil and a little bit of salt, topped with individual piles of an ikura salmon roe, fresh wasabi, daikon sprouts, nori seaweed, and a few fresh pieces of uni."
Tofu steak
"Yakko-san made me a tofu fan with this one. They take tofu, sear it on both sides, add mushrooms, sauté it in ponzu sauce, and put caramelized onions over it. It's meaty and delicious!"
Dried kawahagi w/ spicy mayo
"I don’t count on this dish being on the menu anymore. That is the way it rolls at this chefs' favorite, late-night party. They make food they are in the mood to make or are inspired by based on what is fresh. Some might think that this is a new way of doing things in Miami, but it's not. Get a bunch of friends to go and order as much as you can afford. Eat as many of these sweet, chewy, smoky sticks as you can and drink beer."