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610 1st St
Oxbow Market
Napa, CA94559
Call: 707.226.1560
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Robert Curry reviews Korean style short ribs at
"The bacon fried rice this comes with is my favorite! First of all, I love anything with bacon, but this dish is incredible. It's the perfect complement to the Korean style short ribs."
Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews Wood fired chicken wings at
"Todd Humphries is a crazy talented chef who brines, spit roasts and then crisps these wings in a wood oven and tops them with teriyaki and sesame seeds. They're amazing and addictive, and I'm always a little amazed at how many I can put away."
Chef Sean O'Toole reviews Bánh mì at
"I get the duck version. It's got a nice soft roll, grilled duck, duck pâté, carrots, onions, and jalapeño. Make sure to add extra jalapeño, and dip it in the spicy mayonnaise they give you when you order a side of sweet potato fries. And the always changing beer on tap pairs great!"

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