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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Kasutera at
"First, sit at the sushi bar and ask for Robbie (he's chef Morimoto’s head sushi chef), then ask him what’s the best and he’ll style you out. But make sure to ask for the kasutera—it’s a shrimp and egg custard that's savory, a little sweet, and has a fluffy, tender texture."
Chef  reviews Mixed green salad at
Mixed green salad
"Yes, the mixed lettuces. For one, it is pristine in a way that only the Japanese can pull off. It's perfectly dressed with a kabosu vinaigrette that has just the right amount of acid, but what makes this worthy is the addition of finely shaved, high quality bonito. It turns it up to 12."
Tuna pizza
"Masaharu Morimoto is brilliant. This innovative tuna pizza dish is another great example of his creativity and boundless talent. He starts with a grilled flour tortilla, then piles on fresh tuna sashimi and tops it with the perfect vegetables and a drizzle of anchovy aiolo. It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before."

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