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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Neapolitan meatballs at
Neapolitan meatballs
"The meatballs in sugo at Pizzeria Delfina are absolutely rockin’. They remind me of my little Sicilian grandmother’s meatballs and sauce. They are as close as they come (although I would probably never tell her that). They’re simple but they really take me back to being a little kid and having Sunday suppers at my grandma’s house."
Clam pie
"I love all of the pizzas but this one is my favorite by far. I add anchovies because I love the extra saltiness it adds. Of course, you have to add the dried chili flakes and oregano they give you on the side. I love to drink a glass of Verdicchio or a Mio Mao cocktail to pair with this pie."
Chef  reviews Broccoli raab pizza at
Broccoli raab pizza
"The dough is so flavorful and it has a great char on the crust. The caciocavallo goes well with the broccoli raab, olives and peppers. They always seem to pair pizza ingredients perfectly with each other."