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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Polenta budino at
Polenta budino
"I never feel bad eating dessert because I believe no day is complete without a little something sweet, but the polenta budino at Osteria just reminds me of a luxurious breakfast I would eat everyday. It's topped with a gianduja mousse and candied hazelnuts—I just melt with each bite."
Chef  reviews Summer corn & truffle pizza at
Summer corn & truffle pizza
"I wait all winter for this special pizza to return to Osteria’s spring/summer menu! The freshness of the Jersey corn, truffle oil, and a thin, wood-oven crust make this pizza one of my all-time favorites."
Chef  reviews Porchetta tonnata at
Porchetta tonnata
"They serve thinly sliced ribbons of pork over tonnata, which is one of my favorite condiments to make and eat. It's essentially tuna sauce: tonnata is a mayo made by emulsifying cured and confit tuna with olive oil. Then add some crispy slices of celery and a salty bite of Parmigiano and I'm good to go."