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Chef Georges Perrier reviews Foie gras ravioli at
"I love foie gras, and in this dish Pierre Calmels cooks the liver just right to keep the foie gras succulent. Classic sauce Perigourdine, made with Madeira and truffles, is a wonderful touch."
Chef Jeff Michaud reviews Escargots at
"Pierre and Charlotte Calmels know French food! The snails are cooked with fava beans, trumpet mushrooms, and finished with tarragon. It's a nice twist from the classic parsley-and-garlic combination."
Chef Bryan Sikora reviews Bone marrow at
"Besides the fact that it's really simple yet luxurious and rich in texture, I love that there's something primal about it. The presentation of the femur bone split in half is pretty cool, too."
Chef Ian Moroney reviews Pied de porc at
"Foie gras is one of my favorite things to eat, so stuffing it inside a pig's foot elevates it to something even better than I could have imagined!"

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