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1537 S 11th St
Philadelphia, PA19147
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Tasting menu at
Tasting menu
"A multi-course tasting menu at a BYOB is hard to find, and I always enjoy this one, especially when Lee Styer includes his pâté or chicken liver mousse. I always book the single chef's table in the backyard. On a nice day, surrounded by plants and herbs, it’s hard to beat."
Chef  reviews Berkshire pork belly at
Berkshire pork belly
"My Passyunk neighbor Lee Styer braises Berkshire pork in Dijon jus, a classic French treatment. The pig has a tender interior and slightly crispy exterior. It's porky greatness all around."
Chef  reviews Sweetbreads at
"The textures are so important to this dish from BYOB Fond. The crunchiness of fennel, the crispiness of the sweetbreads and the creaminess of the tarragon aioli... they all blend so well."
Olive bread
"The olive-studded loaves used for bread service at Passyunk BYOB Fond are ridiculously tender inside. Pastry chef and co-owner Jessie Prawlucki bakes them with a killer crust and the perfect amount of chew."
Foie gras soup
"Made from the scraps of Fond's seared foie gras appetizer puréed with brandy and cream, this soup is just amazing. The flavor and texture are so superb I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

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