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814 S 47th St
Philadelphia, PA19143
Call: 215.729.0260
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Chef  reviews BBQ platter at
BBQ platter
"The barbecue platter from Vietnam Restaurant or Cafe is terrific to share. It comes with crispy spring rolls, beef in grape leaves, grilled meatballs, and more. If you really like who you're sharing with, order a Flaming Volcano to wash it down."
Chef  reviews Chả giò at
Chả giò
"The pork has a charred, smoky flavor, and it’s wrapped up with onions, mushrooms, and a bunch of Asian spices. Using the dipping sauce makes the whole thing sweet but spicy. I like taking the first bite then stuffing in the mint leaves that come on the side. I also love their house special broken rice. A lot of rice dishes tend to be oily, but this one is actually juicy without being greasy. The rice is soft and so flavorful, and the chargrilled chicken with lemongrass is awesome."
Chef  reviews Bún đặc biệt at
Bún đặc biệt
"Benny Lai and his family have been serving some of the best, most consistently delicious Vietnamese food in Philly since I moved here over 12 years ago. The house special rice vermicelli is filled with all the good stuff: grilled meatballs, chicken, and pork with pieces of crispy spring roll, rice noodles, bean sprouts, shredded lettuce, pickled vegetables, and nước mắm (fish sauce) for drenching the whole thing. It makes you feel like you are eating healthy."
Chef  reviews Bò nướng lá at
Bò nướng lá
"This huge platter of goodness at Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe arrives stacked with grilled grape leaves filled with ground beef, pickled veggies, peanuts, lettuce, and fresh mint for making your own wraps. I ask for extra dipping sauces every time."
Chef  reviews Canh chua gà at
Canh chua gà
"Pineapple, tomatoes, and chicken make this sweet and sour soup clean and refreshing. The balance of the sweet Thai basil goes so well with the tart flavor of the pineapple and tomatoes."

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