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3925 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
Portland, OR97212
Call: 503.288.6900
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Oven "griddled" apple muffin at
Oven "griddled" apple muffin
"This is the only sweet thing I will ever crave before noon, and it's only served at Sunday brunch. It arrives to the table straight out of the wood-burning oven, hot and moist with crisp, lacy edges. Chef Jason French effectively gilds this winter lily with sea-salted butter and apple butter on the side. Editor's note: the flavor changes periodically."
Chef  reviews Charcuterie at
"Jason French puts so much thought and care into each item on his charcuterie board, from his warmed rillettes to his pickles. Everything is scrumptious and impeccably sourced."
Chef  reviews Braised celery kaltbits at
Braised celery kaltbits
"The celery shines (as do any of the vegetables) at this little gem in NE Portland. It is braised in a flavorful stock until it’s tender, bringing out the sweetness of this often overlooked vegetable. It's deliciously simple."