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400 Greenville Ave
Ste. 6
Richardson, TX75081
Call: 972.234.8889
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Teiichi Sakurai reviews Sliced lamb w/ cumin sauce at
"This unique lamb dish—heavily spiced with cumin, chilies, and fragrant cilantro—reminds me of Mongolian influence. I’ve never seen a dish quite like this at a Sichuan restaurant. I love it and order it every time I visit."
Chef Michael Sindoni reviews spicy beef tendon salad at
"I don’t know what it’s called bc it’s only in chinese writing spicy beef tendon salad at royal Szechuan. it’s got a ton of Szechuan peppers and it’s super spicy. It’s got this chinese celery in it. It’s just awesome. I think there’s tripe in it, too. "

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