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2355 Chestnut St
San Francisco, CA94123
Call: 415.771.2216
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Romana pizza at
Romana pizza
"This has always been a chef's favorite. Working at a pizzeria for so long, you might think I would tire of eating pizza, but not when it comes to this Romana. This one is both light and complex, with the right combination of salt, brightness, and spice."
Bianca Pizza
"This has always been a favorite of ours in the pizza world. Green olives, garlic, basil, chili and they just started adding ramps. Ask for the house Calabrian chili oil and get a bottle of red from Campania to tie it all together. Best pizza ever!"
Chef  reviews Maccaronara at
"As far as pasta goes, this is my favorite plate in the city. Long tubes of expertly made and perfectly cooked pasta are coated in a perfectly balanced, bright, and rich tomato sauce. It never disappoints!"
Chef  reviews Margherita pizza & Italian wine at
Margherita pizza & Italian wine
"A great way to pass an hour or so is to sit at the dining counter at A16 and eat a margherita (with chili oil, yes!). The wine list, curated by Shelley Lindgren, is adventurous and wonderful, full of delicious, little-known wines from Southern Italy. You'll almost always be surprised."

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