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Feta & dukkah
"I want this for breakfast every day. The feta is tangy, salty, and funky. The nuts and spices in the dukkah, a traditional Egyptian dish, enliven the juicy, sweet rounds of either the oranges during the winter or the tomato-and-eggplant purée in the summer. A slug of verdant olive oil completes the plate."
Chef  reviews House-made sourdough bread and butter at
House-made sourdough bread and butter
"As a Frenchman who loves his bread, I have to admit the sourdough coming out of Matt Dillon’s bakery is that sublime contrast of charred, slightly bitter crust and chewy/bubbly. It has just the right amount of salt and with a generous spoonful of his house made butter. I can’t imagine a better way to start the day."
House-made tahini
"Matt Dillon’s daily menu at S&S is fresh, seasonal, and local, but it always includes at least a few dishes with his housemade tahini; I could eat it by the spoonful! Order anything on the menu with it and you’ll swoon."
Ful medames
"It’s so exciting how Matt Dillon has infused his local and seasonal menu with foods of the Middle East. Whether it's served during brunch, lunch, or dinner, his Egyptian breakfast dish of fava beans takes on different forms on the menu, but it’s especially good when served with a poached egg."

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