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2576 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA98109
Call: 206.283.3313
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Muscovy duck at
Muscovy duck
"At this fine-dining restaurant, this dish, made of 14-day dry-aged duck, is one of the first I had from chef Jason Franey and it's downright inspiring and borderline perfect. I love everything about it. It serves two."
Chef  reviews The Canlis salad at
The Canlis salad
"At 60 years old, it's still the perfect salad. A simple combo of Romano cheese, bacon, herbs, and Romaine lettuce, it's handled with care and tossed to perfection in a dressing made of lemon, olive oil, and a coddled egg."
Chef  reviews Seasonal salad at
Seasonal salad
"A finely composed salad is the sign of a good restaurant and Canlis is always spot-on with theirs. Regardless of what season it is, order their salad, whether it's made from Miner's lettuce or simple greens."

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