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244 E Georgia St
Vancouver, BCV6A 1Z7
Call: 604.682.5777


Reviews & Posts

Chef Nate Tasty reviews Chicken wings, frog legs, and butter beef at
"Phnom Penh your chicken wings, frog legs, and butter beef are delicious @jun0k @chefchristopherscott @marksingson @thechefoutwest 👍👍👍"
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Chef Andrey Durbach reviews Filet beef anchois at
"It's a brave, brilliantly constructed dish of finely sliced beef fillet, smashed anchovies, lime juice, fish sauce, cilantro, onions, and green peppers. This dish is a flavorful and textural masterpiece. The beef is raw, which adds to its brilliance and makes me love it even more."

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