Vaca frita at Casa Larios
Casa Larios
7705 Flagler St
Miami-Dade County, FL33144
Call: 305.266.5494
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Other Locations

5859 SW 73rd St
South Miami, FL33143
Call: 305.662.5656

Reviews & Posts

Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli reviews Vaca frita at
"If there is one dish that reminds me of Miami, it's this. The vaca frita here (served as a Thursday special) is like no other. It's so crispy and delicious outside, and on the inside, it's stuffed with perfect shredded flank steak and topped with caramelized onions. Casa Larios does a really good job with this. They have many locations, but I personally love the Flagler location—that one's mine! This place is the real deal."