Bún bò Huế at Xinh Xinh
7 Beach St
Boston, MA02111
Call: 617.422.0501
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Chef Dante de Magistris reviews  at post.venue.name
Bún bò Huế
"When I crave phở on a cold afternoon, Xinh Xinh is my favorite place to go, but I also love their bún bò Huế. It has a rich beef and pork broth with some beef tendon and charred beef flank slice. The broth is so delicate."
Chef Jeff Fournier reviews  at post.venue.name
Bún bò Huế
"This beef and pig trotter soup is one of the best Vietnamese dishes you can get in Chinatown. It's hearty, flavorful and comes to the table screaming hot with a nice layer of spicy oil on top. Best thing to eat on a chilly winter day."