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2401 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA98121
Call: 206.443.9844
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"All the fish!!! Seriously though, expertly crafted, super fresh, great variety, and a great value at that. I had 27 different varieties of fish/seafood, and they had even run out of some. Shiro's is a gem in a city filled with a lot of great food."
"I love anything Shiro prepares. He always has a fresh seasonal special that doesn't disappoint, especially the live spot prawns."
"It's the most respected sushi restaurant in all of Seattle. Shiro is awesome. If you sit in front of him at the counter and let him serve you at his whim, you'll have an amazing experience. He uses the best fish in Seattle and he's just a chef who's been perfecting his craft for 30 years. You gotta tip your hat to him."

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