Kao mun gai at Hawker Fare
Hawker Fare
Full Bar, Thai, Asian, Fusion
680 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA94110
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"Nothing better than this lunch go to after a long week. Tender chicken, fatty rice, and spicy sauce. Wash it all down with an iced coffee and ready to hit the day."
"You can really taste the soul in this dish. It's steamed rice, poached chicken, bean sauce, herbs, and fresh cucumbers. There's a great contrast between the freshness from the herbs, the aromatic rice, a beautiful salty-sweet sauce, and moist chicken. I love how he puts crunchy salt on top of the chicken for bursts of flavor before serving it. Knowing James’s background, and knowing the technique that goes into this, you appreciate it, but it doesn’t hit you over the head and be pretentious."
"This is one of my go-to lunches. It's simple, clean and satisfying: chicken fat rice with perfectly cooked chicken breast and spicy fermented mung bean sauce."

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