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Behind the Scenes

Getting ready for our Dali
"Getting ready for our Dali dinner I may have cracked a few too many eggs, resulting in my battle with the black mass known as the leviathan , squid ink 🐙 + flour = hands that look like they've been infected with grayscale #gameofthrones"
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Porcelet Porchetta, pumpkin
"Porcelet Porchetta, pumpkin seed and Meyer lemon gremolata, chestnuts, quince, and broccoli rabe....milk fed pork that's pasture raised, resulting in a soft and crispy skin, nutty and supple flavor, and not a hint of gaminess"
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The benefits of being an apex
"The benefits of being an apex predator, live blue crabs 🦀, so much work for so little meat, but totally worth it #soybeanpastesoup"
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Apple picking? How about
"Apple picking? How about Chestnut picking? My mom stopped by with a great gift, mini sweet chestnuts that she picked at a u-pick chestnut farm in Lawrence, Michigan, I didn't even know it was a thing, @ $4/# these are a great deal and will soon be on for dinner 😀#chestnuts"
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@gabrielmfer and I added a new
"@gabrielmfer and I added a new dish to the menu, if you know what larb is I think you'll love this. Green circle chicken thighs, confit, than smashed with tons of basil, fish sauce, lime juice, serrano peppers, and fun little crunchy bits served with sticky rice steamed in a banana leaf. Funky, citrusy, stinky, and soul satisfying. 🐔🐓🍗"
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