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Avocado toast, candied bacon,
"Avocado toast, candied bacon, curried yogurt, grilled ciabatta @#trends"
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Surf & Turf

Deep fried sea
"Surf & Turf Deep fried sea scallops, BBQ spare ribs, grilled cornbread, honey butter, French fries, cucumber salad @#summer"
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Pan roasted halibut, cheddar &
"Pan roasted halibut, cheddar & scallion potato cake, garlicky spinach, honey beet puree, crispy carrots @#carrots"
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Buttermilk fried chicken &
"Buttermilk fried chicken & biscuits with maple buffalo sauce @#unionsquare"
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Pan roasted Faroe Islands
"Pan roasted Faroe Islands salmon, fingerling potato & smoked bacon hash, dill-parsley soubise, piri piri @#piripiri"
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Local strawberries, baby
"Local strawberries, baby arugula, pistachios, great hill bleu cheese, biscuit croutons, aged balsamic @#season"
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