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OH MYLANTA. @scramchs rules. 3
"OH MYLANTA. @scramchs rules. 3 sammys and a turmeric tonic deep I tell you no lies. Support this biz."
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Equal parts spading and
"Equal parts spading and clovering."
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Sometimes you gotta embrace
"Sometimes you gotta embrace failure. Sometimes you gotta pop it on a handstand and make a ROYAL RED SHRIMP SALAD SANDWICH WITH SHOESTRING FRIES CUZ YOU ORDERED WAY TOO MANY DAMN BURGER BUNS."
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Crudités and stuff, flowers,
"Crudités and stuff, flowers, mustache. Joy to the world on a goddamn Monday. @spadeandclover keeps it real."
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My crew is better than yours.
"My crew is better than yours. Sorry, I ain't sorry."
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"When I paint, the seas roar
""When I paint, the seas roar and boil, while others just splash about in the bath." ...Salvador Dali. Balls. But can he cook? Thanks for the tip, Joe."
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