Courtney McBroom

Courtney McBroom

Los Angeles

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Courtney McBroom is the Chef/Owner of Large Marge - an all-American food product company with Texas roots. Her start in cooking began in the third grade when she received her first cookbook, The Care Bears’ Party Cookbook. She fell in love and has been fumbling about kitchens ever since. She went pro over a decade ago, learning the ropes in both savory and pastry kitchens. In New York City, she worked as Culinary Director of Momofuku Milk Bar.

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I mean, you can take the girl
"I mean, you can take the girl out of Texas... (📹: @cayliedee) . . . . . Side note: I have generally made ribs before, but that was my first time grilling Texas-style beef back ribs. And really, if I wanted them to be true Texas-style ribs, I shouldn't be brushing BBQ sauce all over them. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?!?"
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Stayed up all night dancing
"Stayed up all night dancing under the full moon and even managed to get up early enough to make a lobster breakfast for everyone... guess I really have finally reached some level of adulthood. HBD TO ME 🦐🍳🎉"
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It just ain't July 4th if ya
"It just ain't July 4th if ya ain't eatin' watermelon out of a watermelon 🍉"
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The perfect Sunday summer
"The perfect Sunday summer lunch includes rosé and a steak knife for the tomatoes 🙌🔪🍅"
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Some people love summer cause
"Some people love summer cause school's out, others because they can hit the beach. I love it because of salads like these: heirloom tomato//cucumber//lovage//mizuna//burrata//olive oil//salt//lemon juice... Only filter here is that warm summer sun 🔥☀️ 🍅🥒🍋"
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