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The striper from yesterday.
"The striper from yesterday."
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Not a bad day for everyone
"Not a bad day for everyone else #skunked"
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Raviolo, sea island red peas,
"Raviolo, sea island red peas, bonito, burratta @gunshowatl tonite"
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Bbq Mackeral, mash taters,
"Bbq Mackeral, mash taters, smoky trout roe, fava beans, schmaltz @gunshowatl what a great night!"
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Excited to be in Atlanta!
"Excited to be in Atlanta! Thank you @chefkevingillespie and team for a great dinner and southern hospitality!"
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Grillin up some tasty treats!
"Grillin up some tasty treats! 🐬🍀🍩🍌"
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