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Jeremiah Bullfrog


About Jeremiah Bullfrog

In 2009, Chef Jeremiah converted a 1962 Airstream trailer into a mobile kitchen and launched gastroPod Miami, the first gourmet street food truck in South Florida.

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Gemelli carbonara
"Gemelli carbonara"
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Tuna Bolognese, Yellowfin
"Tuna Bolognese, Yellowfin rillettes, fennel, concasse tomato, thickened with bagna cauda emulsification"
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Xiao long bao delivery
"Xiao long bao delivery"
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Sumac roasted carrots, whipped
"Sumac roasted carrots, whipped ricotta, walnut, honey, sorrel"
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Family is up: Peanut Chicken
"Family is up: Peanut Chicken Wing Curry"
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