Kevin Meehan

Kevin Meehan

Los Angeles

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Kevin Meehan, chef/owner of KALI Restaurant, attended the Culinary Arts program at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, an education that he would test and sharpen on-the-line during an apprenticeship at the Michelin-starred L'alban Chambon under French Master Chef Dominique Michou.

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Cherry Tomatoes / Anise Hyssop
"Cherry Tomatoes / Anise Hyssop Pesto / Olive Oil Tuile"
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Abalone / Sea Beans / Smoked
"Abalone / Sea Beans / Smoked Bone Broth"
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Special thanks to @holy_twits
"Special thanks to @holy_twits for spearing us one of our favorite local fish the Californian sheephead Thanks for sharing, dive safely"
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Still thinking of the
"Still thinking of the perfection of @providencela last week. Very inspiring to see a restaurant continue to grow after 12 years. Busy on a Tuesday night with both owners still leading service. Bravo team @providencela keep shining"
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New cocktail alert 🚨 “Gg1
"New cocktail alert 🚨 “Gg1 Spritz” Gin infused with @murrayfamilyfarms cherries 🍒/ Elderflower Liquor"
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Foie Gras / Cherries / Beet /
"Foie Gras / Cherries / Beet / Pistachios."
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