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Josey Baker

San Francisco

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Josey Baker is the chef/co-owner of Josey Baker Bread (JBB). Josey Baker Bread started out in Josey's Mission apartment back in the summer of 2010. Today, JBB is a small team of bread bakers who specialize in whole grain sourdough bread. JBB mills all of their whole grain flours in the bakery daily, and use these stone ground whole grain flours to bake about 400 loaves/day, 360 days/year.

My Venues

  • The Mill
    736 Divisadero St
    San Francisco, CA

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Behind the Scenes

✨fare thee well, crumbshot✨ as
"✨fare thee well, crumbshot✨ as Dave Miller would say, “well why do you care about that?” ya know, we have had a real good run crumbshot you and I, a solid 6 years by my trip back through my Instagram feed. I’ve spent many a long night lusting after your nooks and crannies, your ins and outs, your bran flakes and gluten strands... but the day has come for us both to move on. it’s not that I don’t love you, I really do and I always will, it’s just that I don’t think we have anything to offer each other any more. I’ve learned so much from you, the perils of under and over proofing, adding too much or not enough water, holding on too tight or not hard enough, and well, I just think the day has come when we can both be happier with others. I want to thank you for everything you’ve shown me, about myself and yourself and everyone else. I wouldn’t be who I am without you, and I want nothing but the best for you. live long and prosper crumbshot, I love you. gorgeous bread by @j_galli"
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@whitepines_and_redwoods has
"@whitepines_and_redwoods has been baking with us for just over 2 years, and since the very first day we met, when she brought in a gorgeous home-baked seeded Kamut loaf wrapped in brown paper and twine with a little twig tucked in, she has continued to amaze me with an inspiring balance of attention to detail, endless curiosity, an easy laugh, a voracious appetite for an early afternoon happy hour, and a natural gift for understanding the nuances of fresh milled whole grain sourdough bread. Jenny, you’re a gem, so grateful to have as a part of team JBB. oh, and this is a loaf of our whole grain wonderbread, 100% fresh milled whole grain sourdough. ✨"
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I’ve tasted the future, and
"I’ve tasted the future, and it’s more delicious than I knew was possible... the hearts of the team here @seyloubakery in Washington DC are beating strong and to their own rhythms, and goodness gracious, if you’ve got the opportunity, please pay them a visit. this here is a 100% freshly milled whole grain croissant, and it’s the best croissant I’ve ever had. the bread is proofing, but it’ll be in the oven soon... everything they make is with their own locally grown freshly milled whole grain flours, no refined sugars, and a hefty pinch of ethereal vibes... stay tuned 🙏"
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✨toasted rye✨ been wanting to
"✨toasted rye✨ been wanting to make a rye-on-rye for a while, haven't actually cracked into this beauty yet, but she smells real nice... it's a 100% whole grain rye, mostly fresh flour, but also a few handfuls of toasted rye chops that we super hydrate w boiling water before adding to the dough. gonna have to wait til tomorrow to open it up, stay tuned..."
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there goes @cobrina making
"there goes @baker_potter then to the Grain Gathering for a few days of grain nerdery... am feeling so grateful to my whole team for helping make this happen, this'll be my 4th Grain Gathering, but the first time I'm bringing some of the team with me... plus the strong crew that's gonna hold down the fort while we are away, being all 💪💪💪 Team JBB you make my 💖 go 💥"
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pushing the limits of what
"pushing the limits of what "bread" is and can be... this bizarre "bread" is 25% sprouted rye, 25% sprouted red wheat, 25% sprouted buckwheat, 25% fresh whole grain Patwin. each grain quite literally explodes flavor, each with its own character... the rye is like a raisin water balloon, the buckwheat kinda like your grandparents, the red wheat is surprisingly mellow and nutty, and the Patwin just holds it all together. and somehow all together it tastes like soy sauce! loving these explorations, pushing into flavors, textures, aromas untasted!!!"
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