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Chef Doug is the executive chef/owner of upcoming Bullard @bullardpdx in the Woodlark Hotel in PDX.


  • Chef Finalist (Season 12)

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Fishing for trout and came up
"Fishing for trout and came up with this cute little carp on the Bighorn in Montana."
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🐮🔥🐮🔥🐮🔥 my favorite thing to
"🐮🔥🐮🔥🐮🔥 my favorite thing to eat in the world. Where my @meilin21 at!!!!???"
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Make sure you get to
"Make sure you get to @stackedsandwichshop for brunch and try my collab with @gabe_reallife !! They made beautiful angel biscuits and we threw a big fat piece of fried chicken, sharp cheddar and jalapeño jelly all over it !!! Starts this weekend at @stackedsandwichshop. A portion of proceeds will be donated to @soulriver_runsdeep an amazing organization that helps out Veterans and spreads the joy of our beautiful river systems here in the Pacific Northwest!! #eaterpdx"
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