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The Juniper kitchen is lead by Executive Chef Josh Gale. Josh was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and has previously worked in the kitchen of notable Vancouver restaurants such as Fable, Nicli’s Next Door and, most recently, the award-winning Wildebeest. The dishes in the menu have a Pacific Northwest and Cascadian focus and feature locally sourced ingredients.

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Behind the Scenes

Wood fired octopus // charred
"Wood fired octopus // charred broccoli // n’duja vinaigrette // cured iberico pork belly // purslane"
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Caciocavallo, finocchiona,
"Caciocavallo, finocchiona, pecorino Romano, basil"
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spot prawns gently cooked and
"spot prawns gently cooked and served in a sea asparagus emulsion // bisque mayonnaise // charred shishito rolled in spruce vinegar // prawn salt // crispy head served on the side"
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"gnocchi.mushrooms.fiddleheads.summer truffle"
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albacore tuna cured in kombu
"albacore tuna cured in kombu [] raw and roasted cauliflower [] toasted ryeberries [] green chickpeas [] black garlic [] fava tips"
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|| wheatberries and barley ||
"|| wheatberries and barley || sprouted beluga lentils || green chickpeas || sour cherry || pistachio || mint ||"
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