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Jessi Singh

Santa Barbara

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The Hindi term Babu Ji, when used playfully is what we New Yorkers might call the mayor of the block. In India, a Babu Ji is that self appointed neighborhood ambassador who knows everyone and everything that’s happening the village. He’s a real character who always has a great story. When it comes to food, he’s equally enthusiastic. A Babu Ji unashamedly indulges in food and hospitality. He laughs loudly and revels in his food, company and atmosphere. He absolutely loves being served.

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"Thank you @infatuation_la ・・・ If Bibi Ji was in Los Angeles, we'd tell you it's a place you need to drive across town for. But it's in Santa Barbara, and we're still telling you it's a place you need to drive to. Sign up for our newsletter in bio, and find out why @#california"
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Crab 🦀 croquet | coriander &
"Crab 🦀 croquet | coriander & Mint Chutney. griffinsimm"
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Avo toast | poached egg 🍳 |
"Avo toast | poached egg 🍳 | Roasted Masala | Babu ji Nyc | Brunch. #melbourne"
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Green Mango pickle butter |
"Green Mango pickle butter | oysters | spring menu | Babujinyc. #newindian"
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