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Kristin Eddy grew up in one of the smallest towns in the state of Connecticut—East Hartland. Her love for food started during early childhood, as she grew up around large family gardens and farm animals. The day she turned 16 and was eligible to work full time, she acquired a job in the hotel kitchen of the Simsbury Inn, learning both culinary and pastry skills. She went on to graduate from The Culinary Institute of America with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and continued to build on her skills and education by beginning her career in New York City. Upon arriving in New York City, Kristin began working in one of Daniel Boulud’s renowned kitchens, DBbistro, and then continued on to join the Union Square Hospitality Group by working in the pastry kitchen at Gramercy Tavern. There, Kristin acquired many of her pastry skills as she worked under head Pastry Chef Nancy Olson, and she was then able to move on to becoming the Pastry Chef of Millwrights Restaurant in Simsbury, CT. Kristin has been the Pastry Chef at Millwright’s since it opened, and has been able to truly express her creativity and love for working with fresh local farm ingredients.

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The donut queen of millwrights
"The donut queen of millwrights @millwrightsrestaurant to grab a couple of these before they’re gone!! Friday nights only!Lime, graham cracker and meringue 🍩🍩"
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Twix meets Milky Way for this
"Twix meets Milky Way for this homade “candy bar”@#food52"
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Lots of caramel tarts 🤩
"Lots of caramel tarts 🤩 #foodgram #pastrydelights#chaindesrotisseurs"
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