Tommy  Halvorson

Tommy Halvorson

San Francisco

About Tommy Halvorson

Tommy Halvorson purchased the restaurant on April 3rd, 2017. Serpentine’s founder, Erin Rooney hand-picked Tommy to take over operations of the restaurant, as executive chef and owner. Serpentine has always been an approachable yet stylish neighborhood restaurant and cocktail bar known to locals for its comforting, seasonal Americana cuisine, and Halvorson is dedicated to keeping Serpentine’s soul intact.

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Living that brunch life over
"Living that brunch life over here and it feels pretty, pretty good"
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The best thing to pair with a
"The best thing to pair with a side of truffle fries - pink bubbles! 🥂"
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When you wish you could have
"When you wish you could have breakfast for every meal 🍳"
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