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Cary Docherty

City of Westminster

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Having moved from his native fishing village in British Columbia, Cary graduated from the New York Restaurant School, before beginning his career at Lumière and Feenie’s restaurants in Vancouver. Shortly thereafter he moved to London, where he first worked for Gordon Ramsay as Senior Chef de Partie at the Michelin-starred Maze. It was Cary’s cooking at Maze that first brought him to Jason Atherton’s attention. In 2007 Cary became the Senior Chef de Partie at Zuma. In 2008 he moved to join the brigade as Junior Sous Chef under Head Chef Clare Smyth at the three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. This was followed by a position as Senior Sous Chef at Indigo Restaurant. Then 2011 he grabbed the reins as Head Chef of the much-loved Chelsea bistro Foxtrot Oscar.

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The freshest of fresh scallops
"The freshest of fresh scallops from the Isle of Mull. Delivered to @_littlesocial every Tuesday and Friday, shells still clacking. . . . . . #tasty"
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Simple, tasty, seasonal.
"Simple, tasty, seasonal. Asparagus from Provence on at @_littlesocial right now. . . . . . . . #healthy"
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Ooooooo it’s that time of year
"Ooooooo it’s that time of year again when we get that beautiful asparagus from Provence on the menu at @_littlesocial . On from tonight with Hollandaise , simple and tasty. . . . . . . . #green"
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Terrine of foie gras with
"Terrine of foie gras with rhubarb purée, salad and toasted brioche on at @_littlesocial right now. . . . . . . #delicious"
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