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The French Victory Lap:
"The French Victory Lap: Toasted Brioche, Duck Confit, Porcini Scrambled Eggs, Lemon Hollandaise, Summer Truffles, Confit Egg Yolk, & @#younaughtybitch"
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BRUNCH!!!! Come Eat! Jumbo
"BRUNCH!!!! Come Eat! Jumbo Prawn & Polenta with Tomato Sauce, Confit Egg Yolk, Agretti #brunchsf"
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BRUNCH!!! Char Sui Benny with
"BRUNCH!!! Char Sui Benny with ALL the Hollandaise 🌻"
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‘Merica Free Friday Lunch:
"‘Merica Free Friday Lunch: Tater Tots, Jalapeño Queso, Fried Pastrami, Cozeck Farms Squash Escabeche, Dirty Girl Cilantro Flower #younaughtybitch"
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Brunch Falafel Shakshuka. Last
"Brunch Falafel Shakshuka. Last weekend brunch didn’t get the attendance it deserved. Please stop by this weekend and say hi! 📸 by @lm.live.media"
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Taco Tuesday turned up on a
"Taco Tuesday turned up on a Wednesday ✌🏻"
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