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Caitlin Cullen opened a restaurant and bar called "The Tandem" in Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood. The name is both an homage to her father's bar back in Detroit that he owned when Cullen was younger, but it's also a commitment to teamwork: a tandem bicycle works better when both halves of the bike work in unison. It's fitting for restaurant work -- especially with so many novices learning the business in Cullen's new venture.

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deconstructed chicken pot pie
$, Southern / Soul, Fried Chicken, Triangle North
"Oh my, happy pot pie! In honor of #piday I’m over here moshing chicken #potpie @tandemmke by the ineffable Ms Venice Williams @alicesgardenmke #everyday is #pieday #eatlocal #mke #foodie"
chicken and waffles
$, Southern / Soul, Fried Chicken, Triangle North
"They ain’t playin’! If you have the means... I strongly recommend getting yo’self down to The Tandem MKE for their second birthday... because this #friedchickenandwaffles is fire!"