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Claire Menck is an international award winning chef, educator, and scholar. She began her career at the ripe age of fourteen in the dish pit of a small café in her hometown of Barrington, Illinois. While attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison Claire worked in a variety of restaurants and bars, including a stint at the Ovens of Brittany. It was those experiences that built a sense of community for her while in school, and formed her later decision to forgo law school and attend New England Culinary Institute. That decision ultimately led to a career in the food service industry that has spanned three decades and has included work in the back, front, and top of house in a myriad of operations from hotels and cruise ships, to free standing, fine dining restaurants. In 2000 she started her own business, Girlchef, which continues to offer consultancy today as the new venture: Cream City Collaborative.

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Sloppy, wet & hot. I like my
"Sloppy, wet & hot. I like my #men how I like my #pasta"
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I had a long exchange with my
"I had a long exchange with my trainer yesterday about caloric & #protein intake. My RMR is 1754... and after doing the math for my mix of physical activities... I now realize I need close to 3,000 calories a day. That’s a lot of food when you’re a #wholefoodplantbased #vegan - I mean... a lot! So I came up with this shake type of thing: 1 scoop each rice & peas protein, #bcaa #creatine #wheatgrass #soymilk & #berries from @costco I’m not gonna lie... it’s pretty tasty! And at 400 calories & about 40g of protein... I’ll take it! #powerlifting #nutrition #girlswhopowerlift"
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