Kian Abedini

Owner, Roaster/Buyer/Barista
Kian Abedini

Los Angeles

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  • Award Winner, 2018
    Good Food

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Behind the Scenes

New friends at @eumcafe.
"New friends at @eumcafe. Looking forward to working on a lot of fun new things with them!"
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Did you know we carry
"Did you know we carry Ceremonial-grade Matcha in wholesale quantities? Quality Matcha tastes more like dark chocolate than grassy green tea - definitely give it a try in your cafe!"
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Today we’re QCing coffee.
"Today we’re QCing coffee. Tomorrow we’re QCing coffee. Guess what we’re doing Monday?"
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Thanks for the menchy (cool
"Thanks for the menchy (cool way of saying “mention”), @foodandwine"
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