Sam Neely

Beverage Director, Roaster/Buyer/Barista
Sam Neely

Colorado Springs

About Sam Neely

A coffee roaster and barista competitor from London living in Colorado.

My Venues


  • 5th Place Coffee Champs Barista Competition

Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

When I first got into coffee,
"When I first got into coffee, I literally dreamed that one day I would be able to compete in Barista competitions and that perhaps, one day, I would make it into @baristamagazine. Well, I have somehow achieved my dreams. I am officially overwhelmed. Peep this article to see me try and articulate how I feel - baristamagazine #whatismylife"
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So many bags to fill with
"So many bags to fill with delicious coffee! #roastday"
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Saturdays are for adventures
"Saturdays are for adventures that start with coffee!"
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We’re loving this Colombia La
"We’re loving this Colombia La Esperanza right now! It scored 5th in Huila Best Cup Competition, and the quality truly shows!"
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It’s #friyay and we’re stoked
"It’s #friyay and we’re stoked for the weekend!"
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We're releasing another new
"We're releasing another new coffee this week!"
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