Adam Boots Brogan

Bartender, Beverage Director, Mixologist
Adam Boots Brogan

San Francisco

About Adam Boots Brogan

Born in San Francisco, but raised in the pubs of London, it’s no wonder that Adam “Boots” Brogan finds himself most at home behind a bar. From his early years in night clubs & dive bars, to his education at cocktail bars & speakeasies, Boots’ drinks are all inspired by his collective experiences, memories & influences from the long list of bars that he’s worked behind, and the even longer list of bars that he’s sat at. While his most recent stints of beverage director at Wayfare Tavern & The Sequoia, and bar manager at Lord George has gained him a reputation in the craft cocktail world, Boots maintains that he is, and always will be, a bartender over a mixologist. Far more than knowing the art & science of crafting the perfect cocktail, Boots credits the years of growing up in the back of pubs for teaching him the ever more important lesson of service & hospitality.

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    "Everything about this place screams James Bond. Even my girl's drink, The Ceremony, looked like an intro to a Bond movie with powdered gold dancing between the ice and the glass. #beaufortbarsavoy #thesavoy #london"
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