Lauren Crabbe

Lauren Crabbe

San Francisco

About Lauren Crabbe

Barista by the ocean in San Francisco. Tall business owner of Andytown Coffee Roasters. I draw hearts on your latte.

Where I Go Out

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The Snowy Plover
$$, Outdoor Seating, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Outer Sunset
"If you go to Andytown you have to have the Snowy Plover. It's espresso, sparkling water, brown sugar simple syrup and heavy cream. It's like an espresso float. Great spot for a coffee date, the pastries are fantastic (shout out to the sausage roll)."
Pastries and coffee
$$, Outdoor Seating, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Outer Sunset
"Andytown is relatively new but it's already become my go-to for coffee in the Sunset. Husband and wife team Michael and Lauren roast their own beans and make delicious breads and scones. Get their soda bread with jam, a sausage roll and the cornbread muffin."
Snowy Plovers-Birthday Cake Special
$$, Outdoor Seating, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Outer Sunset
"ITS ALMOST OUR BIRTHDAY! Join us on Saturday 3/24 for Birthday Cake Snowy Plovers, sweet tunes, a coffee tasting triangulation game, raffle, @churnsf ice cream, and more! For professional and amateur baristas, we are having a latte art throw down at 5:30PM, sign up at 5. We are super excited for our special guest judges, @thegreathighway, @daniglutes, and @supervisor_katy_tang! Together, they will choose the best latte artist in the Sunset. Will it be you???"
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