About Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips is the first Mezcalier and GM at Espita Mezcaleria in Washington, DC. He has helped developed one of the country's best mezcal lists focusing on sustainable and ethically-produced mezcals.


  • Certified Master Mezcalier
  • Eater DC Best Cocktail Bar

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"There's Rob, playing with a wagyu crudo again! Our Apache has been updated for spring. Featuring watercress, radishes, beef tendon, and some bright heat from fresnos & habaneros. I love this dish. Second shot: training the team."
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"Been drinking this ensamble of cupreata and cenizo that @emilio_vieyra made like a decade ago. I don't usually talk about the bottles I'm drinking at home, but this is one of the most stunning mezcales I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. Meyer lemon, sour cherries, & ripe raspberries on the nose. Rich mint, vanilla, & berries in my mouth. Supremely well balanced with a crazy long finish. This bottle is a testament to the power of glass aging. Just a beautiful spirit. I wish this one was still around. #mezcal #cupreata #cenizo #michoacan"
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