Matt Milletto

About Matt Milletto

25 years in food service and the specialty coffee industry. Founder and partner Water Avenue Coffee.

Behind the Scenes

Spent the afternoon at
"Spent the afternoon at @caobafarms off grid organic farm in Antigua. Chill place"
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Great day spent at
"Great day spent at @pachujcoffee with Andres Fahsen - an incredible farm near lake Atitlan and a coffee we purchase every year @wateravecoffee also awesome traveling with our lead roaster @_garth"
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High in the mountains
"High in the mountains surrounded by volcanos near Lake Atitlan - spending the day touring the farm and mill of Santo Thomas Pachuj coffee. Incredible quality coffee tucked away in a small valley. @pachujcoffee @josueguate"
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Spent the day outside of
"Spent the day outside of Antigua at Finca Nueva Esperanza and the Mill. Incredible experimental coffee farm."
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