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"Needless to say, this was a ton of work and it’s so cool to hold it! Thank you to Chef Gayle & Chef John for encouraging me to be a part of it. 💕🌈"
"Roll call! Who will I see tomorrow? Last year, our auction donation raised $120k for Meals on Wheels! Come by my booth in VIP to get a tasty, truffle-laden bite and beverage - I’ll tell you all about using kitchen trash to make beautiful cocktails!"
"Andy’s handmade tagliatelle, served with French black summer truffle & chive blossom olio nuovo."
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"Sonoma morels. 🍄"
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"...and the nighttime pantry folks are kind enough to save me all their avocado pits which become the house orgeat we use in the “Marnie” in Laszlo... orgeat’s roots are actually in an ancient malt-based sweetener/delicacy, but most people think it’s only from almonds. Here in California, almonds are rapidly contributing to water scarcity and monoculture in the Delta; the popularity of almond milk is largely to blame. Eventually I’d like to have all our orgeats be made from our kitchen waste, but it takes trial and error. #drinklikeyougiveafuck #zerowastebar #reducefoodwaste #uglyproduce"
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