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Bartender, Beverage Manager, Mixologist
Andrew Grenz


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The end of a fantastic meal
"The end of a fantastic meal with a fantastic person @centralstandardaustin. I have a dear friend that takes photos of the place settings after consumption (although, they don't post them) and I think they have a point. Taking a photo before the meal can detract from the experience at times. Take into consideration temperature, ambiance, and your company before you shoot your next food picture. Sometimes things are just too pretty though... . . . . . @#canyoufindit"
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Thank you @garrisonbros for
"Thank you @garrisonbros for the inspiring day at the distillery yesterday. The commitment to quality, time, and place is astounding and humbling. . . . . . #whiskey"
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Blueberry! Pineapple! Purple!
"Blueberry! Pineapple! Purple! 🍍🌴 #ivanooze"
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