Botond Cserniczky

Brewer, Owner, Sommelier
Botond Cserniczky


About Botond Cserniczky

I am a beer sommelier/brewer and bass player, co-founder of Beerside craft beer webshop/wholesale, true lover of peated whiskys & funk jazz grooves from Hungary.

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🍐 Me and my pal @7sungo
"🍐 Me and my pal @agardipalinka and brought 250 kg of fresh red williams pear, which we put into our future sour beer in the form of puree, among other things. 🍐 #comingsoon 🍾"
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Not a beer or bass post - just
"Not a beer or bass post - just a lil holiday in the mountains of Austria. Skiing, having fun and drinking the bestest Lagerbier in the country. One of my fav things in my life. β›·β˜ƒοΈπŸ» #feelings"
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craft beer makes the thirst
"craft beer makes the thirst even more beautiful"
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Radical beer for radical
"Radical beer for radical people. Beer is art. Aloha"
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