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Silas is the executive chef at Cosecha Cocina in Columbus.

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Make your way into
"Make your way into @cosechacolumbus today and enjoy a special St Patty's Day corned beef taco on our lovely patio (patio is closed, but I'm not stopping you). It's basically shorts and tee shirt weather, right? Corned beef that was brined for 11 days and cooked for 2, queso Oaxaca, poblano aioli, and curtido (lacto fermented cabbage, carrots, and jalapeño). #followthepigeon"
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Behold, the mighty
"Behold, the mighty Chilaquiles! Fried tortillas, salsa ranchera, poached egg, cilantro crema, and pickled onions. A classic dish now being served at @cosechacolumbus. Come and check out our new menu items."
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Squash Tostada | Delicata and
"Squash Tostada | Delicata and butternut squash, grilled eggplant puree, pepitas, tamarind. Coming soon to the menu at @cosechacolumbus."
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One of the only times you'll
"One of the only times you'll see me serving nachos is on Ohio State game day. They're actually really good! Shagbark chips, short ribs, Monterrey cheese, pickled vegetables, cilantro crema, chile sauce, and cilantro. @cosechacolumbus"
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Sikil Pak | A pre -Hispanic
"Sikil Pak | A pre -Hispanic paste made from toasted pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, habaneros, tomato, and onion. Served with chips made of taro root, yucca, and corn. @cosechacolumbus"
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