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Faisal Mutua


About Faisal Mutua

As a third generation coffee farmer, I am excited to share my family’s fine coffee with you. Abundancia Kenyan Coffee comes from the Kenyan villages called Kirinyaga and Kangundo. Here, the rich volcanic slopes of Mt. Kenya meet tropical weather to produce coffee beans that are consistently judged to be among the world’s finest. My family worked this land for three generations, led by my grandfather, a loving and exacting man whose standards and taste for Kahawa Chungu — the best traditional coffee — inspired our following generations to farm our land for quality over quantity. I spent most of my young years in Kenya learning how to tend our coffee plants, pick the best beans, dry them on raised beds, and roast and grind them for our own cupping and brewing. My family continues this tradition, producing and selling coffee that traces it’s heritage to this land and to our family — we are not to a mass producer. Abundancia Kenyan Coffee is coffee straight from the farmer's hands. We import directly from our farms and roast the coffee in small batches here in the USA. We chose the name Abundancia to reflect the plenty and prosperity of the land, and the joy we feel as we bring you the best it has to offer: our own Kahawa Chungu. I invite you to share in our abundance, and our passion for the world’s finest coffee. - Faisal Mutua (http://abundanciacoffee.com)

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  • GFA 2016
  • Coffee Review 2016
  • Top Coffees in US 2014

Behind the Scenes

Science and coffee in action!
"Science and coffee in action! This is our fantastic boutique cold brew. It will take about 24 hours for the drips to percolate through to create smooth and luscious cold brew ❤️ #espresso"
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How to make $35 dollars cup of
"How to make $35 dollars cup of coffes"
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We are proud to have Badbeard
"We are proud to have Badbeard as our resident roaster! We couldn’t have such awesome drip, espresso, etc without Justin! Come by and taste the best coffee in town 👌 kaganj"
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Come try the famous Indonesian
"Come try the famous Indonesian Kopi Luwak! It’s smooth, not very acidic, and some of the best coffee you can taste! Remember we can always add gold to make it even more special 👌#sepowell"
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Remember to stop by tomorrow
"Remember to stop by tomorrow to get awesome burritos, scones, and coffee!! Our hours tomorrow are 7 am to 1 pm ❤️ #latte"
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At Abundancia, we pride
"At Abundancia, we pride ourselves on amazing coffee inside and out. One of our unique ways to make the best coffee is through Pour-Overs ❤️ come by Tuesday-Saturday 7 am-2:30 pm #powellblvd"
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