Teresa Silva

Teresa Silva

San Francisco

About Teresa Silva

Teresa Silva is a chef in San Francisco, CA. She is currently a kitchen consultant for Berber, a Moroccan supper club opening Fall 2018. Her previous stints include Duna, Trou Normand and Bar Agricole.

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My version of Birthday Cake,
"My version of Birthday Cake, (which I hate). Not a cake kinda gal. Peach Galette by @#nofilterever"
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See you later, Duna! Until
"See you later, Duna! Until next time...💀👋#smokebread"
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Date night at the old stomping
"Date night at the old stomping grounds. #stuffed"
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the Salt aesthetic
"the Salt aesthetic [insertcommonsaltphrasehere] #artsyfartsy"
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