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About Sterling Ridings

With a passion for innovative cuisine and a French-rooted, Japanese-influenced style, Head Chef and Partner Sterling Ridings leads the culinary team at Guild to feature a menu with bright, creative yet subdued dishes which are seafood forward, but draw heavily from seasonal vegetables. Prior to opening Guild, Ridings has built an impressive track record within the Austin food community with stints at Parkside, Foreign & Domestic, and most recently as executive chef for Hai Hospitality’s Uchiko.

At My Venues

Pecorino Gnocchi
$$$, Happy Hour, Seafood, New American, Rosedale
"Gnocchi with zucchini, nutmeg and olives. I will dream of those beautiful little pillows and that rich decadent sauce."
$$$, Happy Hour, Seafood, New American, Rosedale
"All the desserts were great and all recommended. The reason I choice to post this one is that it is so refreshing and light... get whatever other dessert you want and you can add this one also. It was a great final dessert to cleanse the palette"
Wagyu Beef Tartare
$$$, Happy Hour, Seafood, New American, Rosedale
"Never have I ever seen a tartare so pretty, with so much texture, hitting flavors of acid all the way to caramelized white chocolate (yes, it’s amazing with a richness similar to liver after marinating)"
$$$, Happy Hour, Seafood, New American, Rosedale
"Best oyster presentation I have ever seen, hands down. The typical toppings of vinegeratte, horseradish, and tartar sauce were flavorful yet balanced. They are in squeeze bottles so you can get the right amount to not overpower. Great oysters too."
Oyster beignets
$$$, Happy Hour, Seafood, New American, Rosedale
"Oyster beignets with apple & horseradish mayo (suedoise). We make the base from @eastciders original, which adds a subtle, crisp apple flavor with just a hint of bitterness. Watching these puff up in absurdly hot oil is super satisfying."
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